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Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2013 8:15 am
by Newman
I've decided to close my account with them because I don't like having my photos declined with the reason "Similar Image". WTF?
The other day they declined my photo so I wrote them that I want to cancel my account. They asked me what they could do to improve my expereince, to which I replied with "The chance to earn some change from your site is not worth the effort to upload photos, to write a description and to come up with keywords. Either change your mind or cancel my account.".
Later I found that the photo is in the free section, i.e. a giveaway. So I deleted my image and wrote them "THAT'S IT! I WANT MY ACCOUNT CANCELED!".

Later, I received a notification to my e-mail that The Fotolia team had repied to my request and that I can sign in to my account if I want to read it, but my account does not exist anymore.